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Relaxed appointments:  Send your position as navigation destination.The phone seamlessly leads the recipient to the meeting point.

Did you ever want to meet a friend, waited at the wrong place, and intricately tried to explain where you are? With come2gether you can select her from your contacts, call her, and send your current position within a message. Your friend doesn’t need the app. She e. g. receives the following:

“Navigate to my current position by clicking link,-73.97163. You may also paste the following address to your navigation application:
65th Street Transverse, New York City, New York 10065, USA…”
She clicks the link or pasts the address in her navigation app and her phone seamlessly leads her to the meeting point.
Thus come2gether is an app for Anton and Berta, parents and children, and people who like to come together!

Further Information


There are localizations for English and German.

Access Rights and Content Rating

The following rights are used:


Location detection via GPS and network is needed because you are able to send your current position to a contact you selected previously. This is why this app’s content is rated as “Medium Maturity”.

Personal Information

Reading your contacts is needed because you are able to select contacts stored on your phone.

Network Communication

Full network access is needed because Google Geocode is used to determine your address and there is advertising.

Services that cost you money

Directly call phone numbers is possible because you are able to call a contact you selected.


Google Geocode is used to determine your address. The message containing your position and your address is solely sent to the contact you select. Beyond that no data will be submitted.